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Indie Game Developer, Hacker, Develope 2D Video Games, Build Tools Languages C, C++, Objective-C, JavaScript, HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, Assembly (68K, x86, Atmel, Microchip).

Chuckie Egg

As Hen-House Harry, the player must collect the twelve eggs positioned in each level, before a countdown timer reaches zero. In addition there are piles of seed which may be collected to increase points and stop the countdown timer for a while, but will otherwise be eaten by hens that patrol the level, causing them to pause. If the player touches a hen or falls through a gap in the bottom of the level, he loses a life.


The player controls BLOB (Bio-Logically Operated Being), whose mission is to penetrate the unstable core of a rogue planet which has appeared from a black hole. If the core is not repaired within the set time limit it will implode causing a chain reaction which will destroy the entire universe. The planet is inhabited by various primitive creatures, all hazardous to the touch, and the remnants of a previous civilisation which provides the items needed to rebuild and stabilise the planet core.


You must navigate a snake through an enclosed maze, while consuming apples along the way. The length of the snake increases with each apple consumed, making the game more difficult. The player must avoid colliding with the snake's own body sections. When the snake hits a wall, it stalls and rapidly runs down the level timer. After all the apples on the screen have been eaten, the player progresses to the next maze.

Nifty Lifty

The object is simple but achieving your goal is fiendishly hard! All you have to do is navigate your way from the bottom floor of each level to the top floor. You're on foot though because the lifts have security guards that are on the look out. After all you are a thief and you need to avoid being spotted by a aecurity guard too many times, if you fail to avoid being spotted too many times you will go to jail and it's Game Over.

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Chuckie Egg


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